Automated Batch Subkey Creation

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Am Sa 13.09.2014, 16:20:42 schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Sat, 13 Sep 2014 15:19, mailinglisten at said:
> > Try this (shell code, bash):
> That is of course version and configure option specific because it
> uses canned commands.  If it works for you, fine but you should be
> aware of that restriction.

Since more or less the first version of the script there is this line:

#       - status-fd/command-fd driver handler (statt echo 


> Now, is adding a subkey a regular business of gpg users?

That's not the point here. The question is: Is adding subkeys in batch 
mode regular business?

I have pointed askers here once or twice to my script. How many may be 
out there if it's asked once every six months? I have no idea.

> If we can
> assume that it is used as often as --export-secret-subkeys, I am
> willing to add a --quick-gen-subkey command for 2.1.

This is not about subkeys only. Maybe the former questions referred to 
UIDs. It might be easier and a suitable solution to either provide a 
script with GnuPG which does that (both for subkeys and for UIDs) or put 
some example code in the man page (like there is already shell code in 
the gpg-agent man page) or the DETAILS file.

If you have not written such a script yet: I have to do that anyway.

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