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Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Sun Sep 21 18:03:34 CEST 2014

On 20/09/14 16:23, Murphy wrote:
>> What, please, is the reason for the step no. 2 in the above list ?
> This is a command to prevent gnome from hijacking pinentry.  Without
> it or something like it error messages are generated during execution
> of the gpg2 command.  I forget who suggested it but I remember that
> Werner endorsed it.

What are the symptoms of gnome highjacking pinentry ?

I'm using UbuntuStudio1404 - Enigmail (w.thunderbird) is working with gpg2.
When I need to enter a passphrase for enigmail, it goes into the pinentry-gtk2
dialog box ok.

The system monitor shows me that gnome-keyring-daemon process is running (but I
don't think I'm actually doing anything with gnome keyrings) but it doesn't seem
to interfere with encrypting/decrypting or signing emails or using gpg2 to
verify signatures from the cli.


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