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Hi Werner,
OK, thanks. I was using the wrong yum search string "gpg" not "gnupg". It showed up and I installed it. Looking forward to setting up the beta. Danke!

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> This might be off topic, but the thread mentions Fedora. Can you
> please tell me how easy it would be to produce a GPG2 stable RPM for
> Fedora? Currently they only supply GPG1 as an option from Yum. I would
> really like to get them to produce a GPG-2 version.

Fedora has a gnupg2 package.

If you want to try out the new 2.1 beta, you may use the Speedo system.
I am pretty sure that it will work on Fedora and any other Unix system
with gmake and some basic tools installed.  What may not work is
building a Windows version of GnuPG on Fedora.



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