help: state machine is DEAD. Reset the card first.

Paulo Lopes pmlopes at
Tue Sep 23 16:14:23 CEST 2014

Hi everyone,

For a while i've been using a gnupg card with success and today I tryed to
also use it for openid authentication, so i followed the scute
documentation and got it to work, until i decided to import the certificate
X509 to the card...

so i got my pem file and did what was on many websites:

gpg2 --edit-card > admin > writecert 3 < file.crt

Now ever since that moment i get this on my syslog:

Sep 23 14:34:03 WLT000113 pcscd: openct/proto-t1.c:170:t1_transceive() T=1
state machine is DEAD. Reset the card first.
Sep 23 14:34:03 WLT000113 pcscd: ifdwrapper.c:527:IFDTransmit() Card not
transacted: 612
Sep 23 14:34:03 WLT000113 pcscd: winscard.c:1612:SCardTransmit() Card not
transacted: 0x80100016

(many many times)

Also now my authentication crashes all the time and scute under firefox

I've tried to reset the card with, and after a lot of retries i got it

So my question is, can i have my 3 keys + 1 cert in the card? how can i
import the cert? is there other PKCS11 alternative to scute that uses the
card or must i use gpgsm to add the cert to my keyring in the disk and live
it it there?

Best regards,

Paulo Lopes
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