Using 64-bit gpgme to communicate with 32-bit gpg on Windows ?

Sébastien Hocquet seb at
Fri Apr 10 01:27:26 CEST 2015


I'm considering using gpg as the signing and encryption mechanism for a
project I'm working on,
by interfacing with gpgpme.

The project will have to be built as a 64-bit Windows executable. As I
understood, gpg is not officially supported on 64-bit Windows. So I
thought about using the 32-bit gpg executable provided with gpg4win,
compiling my own 64-bit version of gpgme, and linking my project
executable with this 64-bit gpgme. (This would avoid me implementing IPC
between my executable and gpgme. Besides I understand gpgme already uses
IPC to communicate with gpg).

I successfully compile 64-bit gpgme, but cannot make it communicate with
the 32-bit gpg executable (calling gpgme_set_engine_info fails). How
could I do that? I assume that maybe the "gpgme-w32spawn.exe" file
provided with 64-bit gpgme is involved, but I don't really understand
its usage...



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