can not decrypt file suddenly

jason zhang jasonzhang2002 at
Tue Apr 14 00:27:19 CEST 2015

Any clue? Where should I start to investigate?

I checked another encrypted file. I cloud not decrypt it, either.
But I can encrypt /decrypt new file successfully.

I remembered my laptop was shut down abruptly due to out of power while I
edit the file in email. Could this cause the problem?


On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 7:31 PM, jason zhang <jasonzhang2002 at>

> I have a encrypted file in Fedora 15 system.
> I have decrypted the file repeatedly many times for two years.
> Today, I could not decrypt it suddenly.
> Here is what a decrypt session looks like
> ------------------------------------------
> /usr/local/bin/gpg j.gpg
> gpg: CAST5 encrypted data
> gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase
> gpg: decryption failed: bad key
> ------------------------------------------
> I reboot my machine several times. I updated gpg from 1.4.12 to 1.4.19.
> But I still cann't decrypt my file.
> Help is really appreciated.
> This is an important file. That is why I encrypt it.
> Thanks
> --
> -jiesheng

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