GnuPG 2.1.3 Fails to Compile OS X

Ben McGinnes ben at
Thu Apr 23 04:26:11 CEST 2015

On 23/04/2015 11:39 am, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> On 04/22/2015 04:22 PM, Werner Koch wrote:
>> On Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:35, ben at said:
>>> en at quot.po:54: 'msgid' and 'msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'
>>> en at quot.po:58: 'msgid' and 'msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'
>>> but no need to paste them all in); obviously the cause is somewhere
>>> in those sed or make rules.  I'm just not certain of the right place
>> That script (po/quot.po) did not changed for more than a decade.  I
>> guess your sed is broken (did you recently update it)?
> I think that there is a minor GnuPG problem here (not MacOS).
> I haven't located the bug yet, but I could see the problem of
> en at quot.po, when I build with git repo having old en at quot.po.
> Note that in the release, we have po/en at quot.po which is correctly
> updated and po/en at which is correctly generated.

Ah-ha!  :)

> In the git repo, we have an entry of po/en at quot.po in the .gitignore,
> so, I think that it is not maintained in the repo.  When a developer
> happens to have old po/en at quot.po, it will be merged by msgmerge and
> it would result fuzzy entries with mismatches of newline.
> For me, removing po/en at quot.po (so that it will be rebuild from
> gnupg2.pot), it works fine.

Cool.  Since 2.1 is on a one month cycle, I might just wait for 2.1.4
and try again, that'll give me the changes made from 2.1.3 and not
trying to make a release equivalent tarball from the current repo
(although if there's a script for that I might do it later today).


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