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On 27.04.15 12:43, MFPA wrote:
>> Right now, they're rolling out a payment system here in
>> > The Netherlands where you only need to tap your bank
>> > card to the payment terminal to do small payments.
>> > That's all that is needed.
> We have that in the UK already. Payments up to, I think,  GBP20
> without PIN or signature. Dangerous.

Yep, EUR 25 max here in Finland if I recall correctly without PIN and
"random PIN check" once in a while… I suppose the banks get a warm and
fuzzy "we've done something" feeling from the random checks. Roll-out
started about a year ago I think.

>> So I'm still looking for a sturdy yet practical
>> metallic sleeve to put around the bank card as soon as
>> they replace my non-NFC card with an NFC card . The
>> one I've seen looked to finnicky to remove your bank
>> card from, which you do every time you need to pay in a
>> shop...
> Some of the ones brought up by a search on "rfid card wallet " look
> just like an ordinary wallet. And I'm sure a small metallic business
> card holder or cigarette case would do the trick.

I have the basic blocking wallet from ThinkGeek [1] and it's just like a
normal wallet. They seem to have a new one as well although both out of
stock right now.

[1]: https://www.thinkgeek.com/brain/whereisit.cgi?t=rfid+wallet


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