Yubikey NEO OpenPGP advisory

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Mon Apr 27 12:33:27 CEST 2015

Those NFC pay things you both mention sound a lot like what we have here
as well (€ 25 maximum, random PIN checks).

On 27/04/15 12:19, Ville Määttä wrote:
> I have the basic blocking wallet from ThinkGeek [1] and it's just like a
> normal wallet. They seem to have a new one as well although both out of
> stock right now.

Thanks for the hints, guys. But I'm very happy with my current leather
wallet, and the bag I keep the wallet in is almost full. So I'm more
looking for something really compact around the card, like a sleeve.
getDigital has one: [1]. I just can't judge how sturdy it is; the sleeve
I have seen in real life looked like it was quite a hassle to remove
your card from because it looked really flimsy.


PS: getDigital has a lot of cool geeky stuff!

[1] https://www.getdigital.eu/RFID-Schutzhuelle.html (the 5 euro cover)

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