FAQ: drop mention of 1.4?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Thu Aug 27 20:41:37 CEST 2015

After much delay, I've started work on overhauling the FAQ and making
the changes I've been threatening for some time.  So far the only
commits have been minor things not worthy of mention, but I'm about to
make a significant content change and I'd like to get the community's
feedback on it.

Namely, I plan on dropping (most) mention of 1.4.  1.4 will get
mentioned as an older branch of GnuPG meant for system administrators,
but for the rest of the FAQ I plan on focusing entirely on GnuPG 2.0 and

My rationale for this is simple: we don't want to encourage new users to
use 1.4.  We want to encourage new users to use 2.0 and/or 2.1.

Some tools (e.g., Enigmail) now require 2.0 or later.

I, personally, don't think it's a big deal to drop mention of 1.4 except
to talk about "it's for system administrators, not regular users".
However, I'd really like to hear your feedback on this.  Should we make
this change?  Yes or no?

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