GPA - unsupported certificate

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Mon Dec 7 09:12:56 CET 2015

On Mon 2015-12-07 01:24:55 +0100, "david at" <david at> wrote:
> The first thing to say is - when installing any Linux distro you need to ensure that the
> distro has installed every software update every security fix first. This is important when
> installing GPA Kleopatra and KGPG.
> Every Linux distro has gnupg installed - so at a terminal just type gpg - this will create
> ALL the folders and files needed (.gnupg) it's pointless installing GPA without running gpg
> first - I think it's pretty silly.

hm, i'd say that if gpa knows that gpg needs to be run first, and it
hasn't been run, it should run it on the user's behalf instead of
expecting that they know this bit of esoterica.

Dark Penguin, if you're experiencing problems with GPA integration with
the rest of the OS, I encourage you to report a bug to debian.

On a debian system, you might use the "reportbug" utility to do this.

> Then you may wish to install gpgv2 via the package manager. Only then install GPA Kleopatra
> or KGPG. And only after installing all the updates and security fixes.

If these packages must be installed in a certain order, the package
manager should know about that order.  if it does not, this is a bug in
the stated dependencies of the packages in question.

For example, if gpa won't work without the gnupg2 package installed,
but it doesn't state that it explicitly depends on gnupg2, that would be
a bug in gpa.



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