GPA - import keys more easily?..

Dark Penguin darkpenguin at
Tue Dec 8 00:41:27 CET 2015

Is it possible to import public keys into GPA by "opening them with GPA" 
instead of using "Keys - Import"?.. That would sure be convenient, but 
simply opening an .asc key with GPA did not do that, and I couldn't find 
anything mentioning such thing in the man gpa.

If this functionality is indeed not there, may I suggest we file a 
"wishlist" bug for this issue?.. It seems quite natural to expect this 
kind of thing. If it is there, I suggest we put it into the manual page, 
because it's not there.

If it's there in the latest version, do rebuke me, for I am not 
upgrading from 0.9.5 (from Debian Jessie repo) to 0.9.9 just to confirm 
this behaviour; and I couldn't find a changelog for the last versions 
anywhere on the site... It took me quite a while to even find a download 
link, even though I do remember that it's hosted on the same site!.. 
Shouldn't it be put in the "Downloads" section, at least as a short link 
in the bottom - "Also, see GPA, which aims to be the default GUI 
frontend and is hosted on this site as well"?..


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