GPA - import keys more easily?..

Dark Penguin darkpenguin at
Wed Dec 9 19:11:59 CET 2015

> You can import keys (1) direct from personal contact - people give you the key id and you
> can download from a key server - most people upload their public key to a key server (2) you
> can get keys when people have included their public key as an attachment in an email. If you
> have installed Thunderbird - you could install Enigmail - you can do all the things with
> that that GPA does.

Of course, I could use other software if I don't like this one, but the 
question is "wouldn't it be convenient to add a simple commandline 
option to GPA to import a key". It's not that big of a deal, but the 
idea is so obvious I'm really surprised it's not there yet.

It's not about GNOME Keyring; it's just that I've been using GnuPG and 
GPA since Squeeze, and I would really like to be able to add public keys 
by just "opening" them from anywhere, not only from a Thunderbird mail 
attachment, and with GPA, not with something else.

I just don't want to submit a "wishlist" bug report without consulting 
the users first - maybe it's already there in the newer versions?.. The 
developers seem to be really busy...


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