GPA - import keys more easily?..

Dark Penguin darkpenguin at
Thu Dec 10 21:00:22 CET 2015

>> Of course, I could use other software if I don't like this one, but the question
>> is "wouldn't it be convenient to add a simple commandline option to GPA to
>> import a key".
> For commandline usage, you can simply use GnuPG directly:
> $ gpg2 --import pubkey.asc
> GPA is a GUI frontend to GnuPG. Commandline support is already in GnuPG and
> doesn't need to be in a GUI frontend.

I could do that, but I believe for most users it would be much more 
convenient to see a graphical window of a familiar program with the 
user's name and email address and a confirmation dialog, instead of 
seeing a terminal saying "I've already imported it" (or not even seeing 
it, because I think it would normally close immediately after the 
program has finished running).

I know how keys work; I've been using it at work for a long time. And I 
usually import the keys from email attachments, which I know are 
correct, because I've helped them set up PGP and I've created their 
email account. I just want to be able to have them imported with simply 
opening them with GPA and not have to save them somewhere, then look for 
them in the "Import keys..." dialog, and then delete them.

I've submitted this along with other bugs and wishlist items to 
gnupg-devel, but it seems that those have not yet been approved by the 
moderator (though almost a week has passed since the first report). I 
wanted to hear what do they have to say before creating the bug reports, 
but now I've submitted all of the "bugs" I wanted to report on (issues 2178, 2179, and this one - 2180).


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