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Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 23 12:12:07 CET 2015

On Wed, 23 Dec 2015 09:23, guru at said:

> gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- OK Dirmngr 2.1.6 at your service

Please first update to gnupg 2.1.10.

> Dec 23 09:15:09 c720-r285885-amd64 kernel: pid 2809 (dirmngr), uid 1001: exited on signal 6

Which probably is SIGABRT which in in turn may indicate that an assert()
failed.  If this probelm persists with 2.1.10 please rn dirmngr uner a

   gdb --args dirmngr -v server
Then "run" and enter the commands

   KEYSERVER --clear hkp://


   KS_SEARCH -- xxxx at

On the signal you should get back to the debugger prompt and so you can
print a stack backtrace.  If it it indeed an assert you may run dirmngr
w/o a debugger and the assert will print the diagnositcs to stderr which
you should be able to see.

> which perhaps is normal (soemhow the spawned proc must be killed); but a

No, dirmngr is started on-the-fly as a daemon.  To stop it you either
use "pkill dirmngr" or "gpgconf --kill dirmngr".

> TCPDUMP only shows a lot of PTR requests, see below. No real traffic is
> to be seen to no server.

It is resolving the the pool addreses to select one of the servers.
With 2.1.10 there are two different resolver libraries in use,  entering

  getinfo dnsinfo

on the "dirmngr --server" prompt shows you which one is used.

To play with dirmngr it is often easier to use

 gpg-connect-agent --dimngr -v

which enables you to use readline and some other goodies.



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