MIME or inline signature ?

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at mansfeld-elektronik.de
Fri Feb 13 03:23:59 CET 2015

Zitat von Xavier Maillard <xavier at maillard.im>:

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> Hello,
> in my quest of the perfect setup, I am asking myself what is the
> prefered way to sign a message: inline (like this one) or using a  
> MIME header ?
> Is there a big thumb rule to respect ?
> Regards
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Maybe I cannot offer a big rule for THE preferred way. Jerry is right,  
but maybe we HAVE to deal with recipients who have no influence to  
take a mail client which is capable to handle PGP/MIME sigbatures  
properly. Then it is also MY problem.
If your mail client is able to select the way it signs depending on  
the recipient's address (for example GPGRelay, in fact a nice local  
proxy for mail clients which are completetly unable to do anything  
wich GnuPG) then you can let it sign for all "default" recipients with  
PGP/MIME and only for these who cannot handle this, with inline  

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