MIME or inline signature ?

Xavier Maillard xavier at maillard.im
Fri Feb 13 13:21:54 CET 2015

des-apare.cido_77 at autistici.org writes:

>> Maybe I cannot offer a big rule for THE preferred way. Jerry is
>> right, but maybe we HAVE to deal with recipients who have no
>> influence to take a mail client which is capable to handle PGP/MIME
>> sigbatures properly. Then it is also MY problem.
> I agree. With my PGP contacts I learned, that some can't handle
> PGP/MIME mails. The experience is, that the Addon Mailvelope (Firefox,
> Chrome) can't handle at all mails with attachment in PGP/MIME format.
> Also the Client K9 for smartphones.
> A compromise would be to set up per-recipient-rules in Enigmail to
> send inline mails to these contacts.

This is getting over complicated just to the purpose it
deserves. Sadly.

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