Question about group line use in GnuPG

Anthony Papillion anthony at
Sun Feb 22 00:33:46 CET 2015

I belong to a mailing list (PGPNET, a Yahoo Group) that provides me with
a "group line" for encrypting to a group of keys. In my gpg.conf file, I
put something like:

group mygroup at,key2,key

Then, using Enigmail, I can encrypt to the entire group of keys by
selecting it in the UI.


The fact that gpg doesn't complain about the group line in the conf file
means it must accept as a valid option. So why can I not use that group
address when I am encrypting and signing from the terminal. I should be
able to do something like:

gpg -ear mygroup at filename

But when I do that, gpg tells it has no key for that address. Why can't
gpg understand and properly process my group line from the terminal? Is
this anything that's planned for the future?


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