Whishlist for next-gen card

NdK ndk.clanbo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 11:53:20 CET 2015

Il 22/02/2015 01:46, Yuji -UG- Imai ha scritto:

> For token type card, how about appending one more usb port to connect
> keyboard? It's just for inputing PIN/passphrase or out-of-bound auth
> by hitting the Enter key. USB ten keys like V7 KP0N1-7N0P Numeric keypad
> looks suitable for this purpose. Micro USB plug may be prefarable
> for compact board design.
The problem with off-the-shelf keyboards is that they usually radiate a
pattern that's recognizeable from some distance.
The usual scan on a matrix keyboard activates one column at a time in
fixed order, then checks the rows (possibly one at a time). A safer scan
activates all columns at once, senses the rows, then changes columns to
inputs and rows to outputs activating only the one where the pressed key
is and finally determining the corresponding column. This doesn't
generate a recognizeable pattern.

> I don't like wireless features by two reasons.
Uh? Neither do I. I never understood the reasoning behind IR receiver
for FST-01.

> It may introduce complexity for middleware
> of the card. I like KISS. Another is break visibility to check HSM
> composition validness.
Yup. And it's easily snoopable.

> For FST-01 spesific request, I ask gniibe to consider about case
> design with physical hole
> to tightly bind a token with keyring. 
That's good. But I'd avoid plastic in favour of aluminium :)


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