Question about group line use in GnuPG

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Sun Feb 22 13:30:31 CET 2015

On 22.02.15 09:29, Ludwig Hügelschäfer wrote:
> Hi Anthony,
> On 22.02.15 01:32, Anthony Papillion wrote:
>> Thanks for your quick response. It looks like I may have fixed
>> the problem. Basically, when I use Enigmail for the group line,
>> it needs it in the form of
>> group <pgpnet at>=key1,key2,key3
>> But when I do it from the terminal, it needs to be in the form
>> of
>> group pgpnet at,key2,key3
>> Copying the group line in my gpg.conf file and removing the 
>> brackets made if work as expected.
> Which Enigmail version are you using?

As far as I know, group entries should be space-separated, not by comma.
I.e. group <pgpnet at>=key1 key2 key3

Furthermore, the current release version of Enigmail cannot handle <>
as part of the group name.


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