Can't Encrypt in Freebsd 10.1

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Thu Feb 26 20:19:05 CET 2015

Hi Antoine,
please try it as a normal user, not as root.
Normaly the key-ring-file depends to a real user 
and not to root, who isn't a normal user.
May be it will help you.

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 Betreff: Re: Can't Encrypt in Freebsd 10.1
Hi, Antoine,

Am 25.02.2015 um 14:07 schrieb Antoine Michard:
> Hi,
> Still not working :(
> Got no idea why...
> #gpg -r 6349E5E0 -e test.txt
> Abort
> And then try to encryp a file:
> # gpg -r F2E7CBA5 -e test.txt
> Abort
I am not familiar with BSD but this should apply to BSD installations of GnuPG
as well.

gpg -e -r NAME test.txt

where NAME is the user id of the recipient's key.

If you want to encrypt for uid NAME and explicitly hide a given recipient's
keyID when sending the message you may use the -R option.

Well, that's what the man page tells us, IIUC.



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