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> Yes, which is plenty sufficient to soothe my conscience
> about invasive measures.

To me, that is tantamount to saying "If we think he did this but can't
prove it; let's pull his life apart just in case we can pin something
on him."

> If there's a homicide, ought
> it go uninvestigated and the shooter undiscovered just
> because we're concerned we might be invading the
> privacy of a possibly-innocent person?

If there is compelling evidence it should be followed up, sensibly and
in proportion to the weight of that evidence rather than the
accusation. Beyond that and regardless of the seriousness of the
matter under investigation, the individual should not be hounded by
the authorities.

He is placed at the scene with the smoking gun but there is not yet
any evidence that *he* fired it. It is a bit of a leap from that
position to an investigation of what food he bought yesterday, how he
travels to work, where he lives... As I said, "Fractions of an identity"
that are not relevant to the specific identity enquiry.

> "Until you prove guilt I won't approve of any serious
> investigation into who did it or how.  And if somehow
> you prove guilt anyway then you don't need to ask these
> questions any more, so I still won't approve."

That's better than "we have no evidence so we will investigate the
minutiae of everybody in the vicinity's lives."

> Okay.  Thanks.  I'm really glad you're in the minority:
> if I were to wind up murdered on a city street, I'd
> really hope the police would care enough to find out
> who did it and how it was done and why -- even if those
> questions might offend people's sensibilities.

And if I were to wind up murdered on a city street, I'd be dead so I
wouldn't care.

Anyway, we have gone *way* off-topic. My original comment was intended
to convey my general opinion that a publicly-known dossier of
unrelated "identity" events sounds far too invasive to be comfortable.
And later in my posting, the corollary that keybase does not sound
like something attractive to people who, like me, prefer to
compartmentalise the facets of their life as separate "fractions".

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