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> > We know he was standing with a smoking gun, close to a body on the
> > ground. We should be investigating what happened, not wasting our time
> > with yesterday's food and the last three years' commuting habits.

Indeed the events surrounding the crime must be fully investigated. 
However . . .

"Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore 
the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil." 
Ecclesiastes 8:11

> Unfortunately, unless you’re psychic this is impossible.  You don’t 
> know what information will be relevant.  You’ll never discover “the 
> dead guy spilled a hot coffee all over the other guy yesterday, and 
> they had an argument, and the guy said he was going to kill him for 
> spilling coffee” unless you interview the barista where the shooter 
> had a cup of coffee yesterday.

I agree. 

> > There are those who disagree, and insist on Criminal Record checks
> > when an individual interacts with them in a context completely
> > unrelated to any crime - such as a job application.
> Not a privacy invasion, since that’s a public record.

Absolutely. Employers have been held liable for hiring people with a 
criminal record. e.g., Someone convicted of child molestation might not be 
the best choice for a school bus driver or even school janitor--even if 
they've "paid their debt." Or another less extreme example: hiring someone 
as a cashier who has a criminal record of armed robbery. Perhaps they 
could still be a candidate for a job, but the previous record would be 
something to discuss with the individual before hiring or perhaps even 
before dismissing them as a job candidate.

I don't suggest we forever treat anyone as guilty of and punishable for a 
crime, but there are reasonable limits to how much we trust someone who 
has been convicted for certain crimes. A criminal records check can 
establish patterns or the need for greater supervision in various 
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