Talking about Cryptodevices... which one?

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at
Wed Jan 28 10:14:48 CET 2015

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 1:46 AM, NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at> wrote:
> From the viewpoint of getting unencrypted private key, it's like:
>      On flash ROM: Private key encrypted ------\
>                                                 \
>      On flash ROM: DEK encrypted --\           [AES]--> Private key
>                                   [AES]-> DEK --/
>    Passphrase --[S2K]--------------/

Thanks a lot for this explanation!

> From this point, it is better for smartcard/token, not to have other
> "useful features".

I still would feel more comfortable with a pinpad, or some hardware
button (see thread “crypto device where I need to confirm every

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