gpa and gpgex in gpg 2.1.x releases for windows.

Schlacta, Christ aarcane at
Thu Jul 2 22:06:03 CEST 2015

As a gpg user, I've been using the gpg 2.1.x releases for a while.  as
of 2.1.1, gpg for windows included gpa and gpgex.  I used them.  newer
releases didn't remove these features, but didn't upgrade or include
them either.  Now it's difficult if not impossible to install gpa and
gpgex with gnupg 2.1.x series.  Can we get these nearly essential
features added back into the 2.1.x releases going forward please?  If
not, can we have them made into an add-on package so that downloading
them is easy?  Even if they're not fully or properly supported, the
existing functionality like clipboard, and basic key use are quite
important for day to day use of gpg on windows.  Not everybody uses a
dedicated e-mail client, or cares to install one.

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