gpa and gpgex in gpg 2.1.x releases for windows.

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jul 20 17:53:30 CEST 2015

On Thu,  2 Jul 2015 22:06, aarcane at said:
> As a gpg user, I've been using the gpg 2.1.x releases for a while.  as
> of 2.1.1, gpg for windows included gpa and gpgex.  I used them.  newer
> releases didn't remove these features, but didn't upgrade or include

Due to a lot of changes in the GTK+ GUI toolkit each Windows installer
release of 2.1 was pretty troublesome and took a lot of time.  Thus I
decided to drop it entirely so that we are able to a Windows release of
the GnuPG core within a few hour and be confident not to introduce
severe regressions.

It would have been possible to keep GpgEx in the installer but without
GPA or Kleopatra GpgEX is of not much use, thus it has also been

The idea is to have one installer for GnuPG and crypto library code and
another installers for the GUI parts.  The main problem with this is
that we do not have a suitable packaging system on Windows and
unfortunately attempts to agree on a free software for windows packaging
system have all failed.  And before you ask: no, MSI does not work for



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