Gnupg Decryption Question

David Carter carterdh7978 at
Thu Jul 23 16:47:22 CEST 2015


We currently use Gnupg 1.4.10 as part of our interactions with an online mailbox system. We are able to successfully encrypt our data files but we haven't been able to find the combination of options that will let us decrypt files that we receive - so we've used a different product for that purpose.  Our desire is to use only one product to perform both encryption and decryption.

This is a sample of how we would call gpg to encrypt a text file prior to transmission:

gpg -c -o DataFile.gpg --batch --compress-algo 1 --cipher-algo cast5 --passphrase KeyValue DataFile.txt

The files that we receive share the same KeyValue, so we would appreciate some guidance on undoing what was done above.

Thanks very much.
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