A forgotten patch?

Alexander E. Fischer aef at raxys.net
Sun Mar 1 03:29:44 CET 2015

Well thank you for the explanation. Sadly, I think my knowledge about C
is not sufficient to fully judge the situation. Although I have to say,
that the first example sounds a bit like a hack. I just hope you are
right, a lot depends on it.

> Right he lists Microsoft and a German "newspaper", to which many
> would never talk, as his clients.
I think the majority of people work for people they don't necessarily
like that much. I suppose it's related to the unfair distribution of
wealth in our world. Being funded by Facebook isn't the most reputable
thing either.

> And why pusblishing a patch and no bug reports?
Is there anything in the patch you would reconsider to accept, if there
was a bug report for the patch? I would gladly write one if that would
help to improve the quality of GnuPG.

Kind regards

Alexander E. Fischer
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