Thoughts on GnuPG and automation

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Wed Mar 4 10:04:05 CET 2015

On Wed,  4 Mar 2015 00:50, hans at said:

> If you are interested, you should read the details.  Because you are
> missing some key details here.  I believe they log all PGP encrypted
> communication.  That would be easy for them to do.  I don't know about

I don't known for sure about encrypted mail but it is known that https
connection information is recorded and stored for future attacks:

    For its part, Britain's GCHQ collects information about encryption
    using the TLS and SSL protocols -- the protocols https connections
    are encrypted with -- in a database called "FLYING PIG." The British
    spies produce weekly "trends reports" to catalog which services use
    the most SSL connections and save details about those
    connections. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Yahoo and
    Apple's iCloud service top the charts, and the number of catalogued
    SSL connections for one week is in the many billions -- for the top
    40 sites alone.




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