Thoughts on GnuPG and automation

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Why do I get so many responses like this on this list?  I've spent a ton of
time solving our own problems with the Android port, we also made sure to take
out a support contract with Werner to pay him to answer our questions.  I only
wish we'd had more so we could pay him for all the work he has done, but we
have long since run out of money for working on GnuPG.  I continue this on my
own time because I believe it is important.

The point of this discussion is to talk about an shared architecture for using
GnuPG outside of C/C++ on UNIX.  That's why Bjarni started it, and that's why
I've joined in here.  It seems that half of this thread has been griping about
the discussion process.  We need a little more faith in each other so we can
have productive discussions and further our shared goals.


Bob (Robert) Cavanaugh:
> Native to what? Processor, OS?
> I think Peter and the group already adequately answered this: If GPGME is not providing an interface that meets Android requirements, then look into how GPGME interfaces to GPG and emulate that interface.
> For you to request that the interface be changed can be likened to someone requesting that I2C be changed because you have a hard time implementing it. This is pretty much a non-starter IMHO. Implementing interfaces to existing infrastructures is bread-and-butter to software development. Stop asking for fundamental infrastructure changes and start solving your problem. The group has literally hundreds of m-y that can be used productively to help you do this, but harness the group's power in a constructive manner.
> Bob Cavanaugh
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> In Android, you can't really have shared libraries.  Apps share functionality at a higher level (aka Activities and Services).  So GnuPG-for-Android _is_ the shared library in effect, since it provides OpenPGP via Activities.
> No one is saying that each app should have a custom wrapper for GnuPG.  What I think mailpile is saying, and what I'm trying to say is that for programming environments where GPGME does not make sense, there should be the ability to easily make a native version of what GPGME is doing.
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