Suggestions for a Practical Scheme to Manage Multiple Identities?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Mar 10 03:41:38 CET 2015

On 03/10/2015 08:06 AM, imeil8 at wrote:
> So this is not a question about portable flash drives vs. smartcards per
> se. I _think_ I understand those risks and trade-offs but if there is
> something I'm missing then, of course, I'd like to know.

I had an experience that one of my family members took my portable
flash drive for his/her own purpose (and it took hours/days for me to
realize the fact).

This might be another risk.

With this experience, I abandoned adding the feature of storage to
Gnuk, even if I know the usefulness.

If it's useful for you, it would be also useful for them, that might
be a risk.

P.S.  I maintain Gauche, a Scheme interpreter, in Debian.  Since the
site is named "Practical Scheme" [0], at first glance, I completely
misunderstood your subject.

[0] Practical Scheme:

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