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> But for just as many users, smart cards are inconvenient and overkill.
> Frankly, they have awful usability, just terrible.
> finding the smart card is
> easy -- it's in my wallet -- but finding the smart card *reader* is the
> sort of thing that leads me to crazed conspiracy theories.

That's quite a personal issue to count as a failing of smart cards. That
whole rant about the reader being MIA is, /for me personally/, a
complete non-issue. I keep it attached to the smart card.

> I'm not sure
> the (marginal) additional security from using a smart card is worth the
> (very real) usability expense.

Oh, you mean like being able to use a more humane PIN / passphrase?

On 12.03.15 18:25, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> Then I discovered the downside of USB tokens: they don't
> take well to going through the wash.

Are you serious? I wouldn't know but I'm guessing the computer you use
to decrypt those messages won't take too well to water either.

Sure you need a reader and sure, you shouldn't throw the reader into
water but come on. You go out of your way to make them sound like
something completely unusable. I think they add security and depending
on the user and use case they either add inconvenience minutely or the
complete opposite, they add usability.


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