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Thu Mar 12 19:43:46 CET 2015

On 12.03.15 19:21, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> If you think I'm portraying them as "completely unusable," then I think
> you didn't bother to read my message very closely.

I read both of your messages quite closely. Had you merely pointed out
the downsides of having to carry a card, a reader etc. I would probably
have just agreed with you and likely just read and said nothing. My
point was that you wrote multiple paragraphs worth of stories on two
emails from which I really got the impression that people should just
not bother.

On 12.03.15 19:55, Stephan Beck wrote:
>> Yes, thanks a lot. From your answer I deduce that a single-user,
>> non-professional environment may not require use of a smart card,
>> or may not require it with the necessity it may have in high-security
>> environments.

It would appear so did Stephan.

>> I think they add security and depending on the user and use case
>> they either add inconvenience minutely or the complete opposite, they
>> add usability.
> The number of environments, number of users, and number of use cases, is
> way too vast to be able to make a glib statement like this.  You're just
> wrong.  
> The answer is, "it depends."

Isn't "it depends" exactly what I said :)? I think you went a bit
overboard with the stories and wanted to point that out, that's all.
Smart cards are not some scary thing only "necessary" in "high-security
environments". Whatever that might mean.


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