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Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Thu Mar 12 19:52:36 CET 2015

> My point was that you wrote multiple paragraphs worth of stories on 
> two emails from which I really got the impression that people should
> just not bother.

In response to someone who was thinking that storing keys on your hard
drive was categorically unsafe, and that smart cards were categorically
necessary, yes.  If you want to illustrate that smart cards are not
categorically necessary, you don't highlight instances where they're
useful and/or necessary: you highlight instances where they're not.  Had
the original poster said, "Is it correct to say there's no real use case
for smart cards?", I would have talked about situations where they're a
real benefit.

>>> I think they add security and depending on the user and use case 
>>> they either add inconvenience minutely or the complete opposite,
>>> they add usability.
>> The number of environments, number of users, and number of use 
>> cases, is way too vast to be able to make a glib statement like 
>> this.  You're just wrong.
>> The answer is, "it depends."
> Isn't "it depends" exactly what I said :)?

No.  You said they add security, period, and that they either
inconvenience minutely or add convenience.  That's not an "it depends"
answer.  That's a "this is true in all times and situations" answer, and
that's exactly wrong.  They do *not* add security in all times and
situations, and they do *not* only ever cause minute inconvenience.

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