what is the proper way to load gpg-agent with systemd

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.email
Tue Mar 17 19:19:20 CET 2015

On 3/17/15 7:48 AM, Paulo Lopes wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been using my gpg card with success in Ubuntu for a while but as
> everyone knows the init system is switching from upstart to systemd as
> it is happening on Debian and the vast majority of other distributions.
> In the "past" one could start gpg-agent from the script that boots Xorg

Are you using the ssh-agent capabilities? If not, you don't need to do 
anything special to start the agent, it will use the socket method by 

Also, do you have any evidence that the method you are currently using 
won't work with systemd? X starts well after the low-level system stuff 
is up and running, I'm having a hard time imagining why you couldn't 
continue doing what you're doing.


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