PGP Encryption - Random Seed File and Keyring Questions

Clark Rivard CRivard at
Mon Mar 23 20:07:18 CET 2015

Random Seed File and Keyring Questions

It is my understanding that GnuPG stores a random seed file in its working directory. This file is changed each time you use GnuPG.

I have looked for more information about this file in the manual and faq, but have not found it. (There is some information in the man page.)

How is the random seed file used in encryption / decryption processing - just to generate a Key?

Can you have multiple folders containing a "set" of keyrings, trustdb, and random seed file (each folder being used for a given recipient) and then

execute gpg using the folder specific to the recipient?

Will this cause any issues?  Does it matter if you start with the same "base" random seed file in the recipient-specific folders?



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