upgrading v1 to v2

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Thu Mar 26 15:20:24 CET 2015

On 26/03/15 03:39, Dave Kimble wrote:
> Ubuntu 14.04 with gnupg 1.4.16 installed from Ubuntu repository.
> Enigmail says it is about time I upgraded to gnupg v2.
> Ubuntu Software Centre says I have the latest version.
I have a ubuntu flavour 14.04 and gnupg2 is certainly available in its
repository as well as gnupg1.1.16

You should easily be able to find 2.0.22 in 14.04.

In a few weeks, you'll be able to get 15.04 (I suppose) and this could have
something later than 2.0.22.


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