upgrading v1 to v2

Dave Kimble dave.kimble at riseup.net
Fri Mar 27 01:49:26 CET 2015

It seems I've been replying to individuals rather than the list, sorry.

Thanks to all who helped sort me out.

I have been back over the website, trying to find the point where I got on the wrong track.
I think it is down to https://gnupg.org/download which has the GnuPG Binary Releases section AFTER the Source Code Releases.

Since I know how to build from sources (notwithstanding my stuff ups), I just clicked on stable source download and never got to see the bit at the bottom.
Perhaps those sections could be reversed, to save you from idiots wasting your time.

The link for Debian isn't very helpful. Linking to Debian GnuPG Maintainers would be better:
that's where you get to see "gnupg" and "gnupg2", without which you are going to be baffled.


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