Is Open PGP or GnuPG or GPG possible on a Mac?

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Sun May 3 06:27:39 CEST 2015

Wow, thank you for your search engine skills and all this great
information! I will put it to use on getting GPG/GnuPG stuff running on my
Mac. I'm trying to start a code, cipher, invisible ink/steganography club
for kids, adults can be in it too, but kids like the mystical powers of a
secret cipher "code" that's not too hard, to write to a friend with. I
found that siblings and cousins do this more often than not. I think kids
grow out of it maybe, and there were periods where it waned for years but I
always came back to them for fun. A phyc thought I had Obsesive Compulsive
Disorder (OCD), but in the 2000's I found it was Asperger's but I don't
mind being an Auspie. My sister has it too. Lots of nephews with it too. If
I could find an Auspie club maybe I could recruit there, lol.


On Friday, May 1, 2015, Martin Behrendt <martin-gnupg-users at> wrote:

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> It should be possible but it might require high technical skills in
> the operation of a search engine of your choice.
> Lets try your topic:
> Looks like some usable answers turn up. But lets try something shorter
> and more specific:
> Looks also good. Maybe we can see if people asked about this on the
> mailing list before? Lets try:
> Looks also interesting for 2014. Maybe there will also be some results
> for 2015? Hope that gets you somewhere.
> Greetings
> Martin
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