Is Open PGP or GnuPG or GPG possible on a Mac?

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Sun May 3 07:06:53 CEST 2015

Your information is most valuable. I went over the EFF link and I'm a proud
member off EFF. Why didn't I think to look there! Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you for this link. I went to an EFF meetting in SF and some guy said
he had a special database manipulation program and dasseled  me with terms
that were way above my pay grade or a bunch of dasseling bull. He acted so
Smart and superior then walked out.I don't trust people like that. I tried
to follow him to ask more questions but he disappeared. I had a systems
manager from Google that told me PGP used weakened math to let someone with
superior computing power like the NSA break it but offered no proof.
Snowden said certain encryption can be broken in real time but Snowden Uses
the over 4000 (4096?) keys all the time. I found some of his keys at the
MIT key server. I used to use PGP in the 90's (2 or 3 point something's for
my Mac IIsi, but platforms changed). I wrote a former Scientology leader
from Sweeden once with it. We traded some interesting information about the
ownership that was behind the scenes. I got into politics, met Some top
politicians and was forced out because I was honest. As they say the scum
rises to the top of the pond. The higher you go the dirtier it gets. Want
to meet big criminals? Get into politics and you'll meet a few. I found
some honest people mixed in there too, but their success at the top was
short lived.


On Friday, May 1, 2015, Samir Nassar <samir at> wrote:

> On Thursday 30 April 2015 23:47:42 Mercury Rising wrote:
> > I will take the answer on the list and at mercuryrising11 at
> <javascript:;>.  I Up
> > graded to Mavericks on the Mac. I am looking for a whole package of open
> > source PGP-like programs that will let me encrypt to other keys and
> manage
> > other keys and my own. It is for private corrispondence. I was sending
> > messages from my iPhone to the list but don't see them posted. Perhaps
> > directly form my Mac will help this time.
> Yes, it is possible to use OpenPGP with GnuPG on OS X:
> The best (most stable, best supported, easiest overall) results tend to
> involve:
> GPG Suite:
> Mozilla Thunderbird:
> Enigmail:
> Keep in mind that the parties you want to communicate with also have to
> understand how to handle OpenPGP.
> If it matters to you to be more secure in communication, I would strongly
> suggest making sure your computer is using full disk encryption. In the
> case
> of OS X on a Mac, this means enabling FileVault.
> Samir
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