gnupg migration corrupt db?

Werner Koch wk at
Fri May 15 13:37:51 CEST 2015

On Thu, 14 May 2015 13:16, at said:

> Right now gnupg1 works, but gnupg2 does not.  With that, I mean gnupg1
> can decrypt, but gnupg2 cannot decrypt the same files.  The reason
> seems to be a failure to read or accept certain secret keys.

Are tehse PGP2 keys - they are not anymore supported in 2.1 

> gpg: keydb_get_keyblock failed: Value not found
> gpg: key 77731557: public key "[User ID not found]" imported
> gpg: key 77731557: failed to re-lookup public key

Please update to 2.1.4  2.1.2 has some problems skipping PGP-2 keys.

> I do have backups :)  Is this salvageable?

In fact it should continue to work with GnuPG-1.  There is a stamp file
which tells 2.1 not to auto-migrate anymore (~/.gnupg/.gpg-v21-migrated).



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