How to get your first key signed

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sun Oct 4 00:53:26 CEST 2015

> So you three will share the same reputation on the mailing list.

Probably not.  But if so, I'm fine with that: John and John are good
people.  And the point we were making -- which was that people invest
way too much trust into unvalidated keys and/or possibly untrustworthy
people -- was important and worth making.

> If at least one of you commit crimes with your signed messages,
> you will share the same legal liability...

If I commit a crime and it gets traced back to the certificate we
shared, then the authorities would have to figure out which of us was
using the certificate.

The idea that OpenPGP signatures are non-repudiable is a fashionable bit
of nonsense: I am aware of no court, anywhere in the world, which has
recognized OpenPGP signatures as being non-repudiable.

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