Pinentry pops up allthough --passphrase-fd is used

Dirk Mika dirk.mika at
Thu Oct 15 14:11:40 CEST 2015


I'm completly new to gpg but have read many helpful webpages and docs. The primary reason for using gpg is to decrypt a downloaded file right after download in a batchjob (I have to use a windows server and the job is configured as a scheduled task, so the environment is a WIN 2008 Server).

Almost eveything works as expected but I stumbled across one issue. If the following command is given for the first time and the gpg-agent is not yet running the pinentry-windows pops up asking for the passphrase. (I'm still testing in a cmd-window)

echo "-censorship-" | gpg --homedir="C:\Program Files (x86)\HR-Interface\gnupg" --batch --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt --output M:\data.csv M:\data.csv.gpg

When I enter the correct passphrase the command finishes correctly. Each subsequent call of the very same command succeeds without any prompt.

Is this intended behavior? Do I need to start the agent in advance (how)?

I'm afraid (although not tested yet) having pinentry popping up in a scheduled task without being logged in won't work.


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