FAQ: drop mention of 1.4?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Fri Sep 4 00:46:00 CEST 2015

> IMHO, it would be desirable that the current version can still open 
> old data, even if it refuses to encrypt that way. But maybe keeping 
> the decrypt old data capability has some inconveniences.

Here's the question I really want people to answer: "At what point do we
tell people, 'no, that data format has been obsolete for twenty years,
we're not going to support it any more, it's not even close to
conforming to the RFCs we implement'?"

If you say "for as long as people have that traffic," then you've just
given GnuPG an open-ended commitment to supporting PGP 2.6 *forever*.
There are still people using Apple IIes and Appleworks to manage their
business spreadsheets.

I don't think we should support PGP 2.6 forever.  I don't think most
people on this list do, either.  So to me, the interesting question is
where we draw the line.  Where do we say, "no more, we're not supporting
PGP 2.6 any further"?

For me, the answer is -- "Today.  We've supported it for sixteen years.
 That's long enough."

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