FAQ: drop mention of 1.4?

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Fri Sep 4 03:56:52 CEST 2015

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El 03-09-2015 a las 19:46, Robert J. Hansen escribió:
>> IMHO, it would be desirable that the current version can still
>> open old data, even if it refuses to encrypt that way. But maybe
>> keeping the decrypt old data capability has some inconveniences.
> Here's the question I really want people to answer: "At what point
> do we tell people, 'no, that data format has been obsolete for
> twenty years, we're not going to support it any more, it's not even
> close to conforming to the RFCs we implement'?"

  Yes, people should stop using things that are seriously outdated and
proven unsafe.

> If you say "for as long as people have that traffic," then you've
> just given GnuPG an open-ended commitment to supporting PGP 2.6
> *forever*.

  I was thinking about being able to access old data that was
encrypted with PGP 2.6 standad, not about creating new data using that
standard, so, *if possible*, it would be nice to have read-only
backward compatibility.

> There are still people using Apple IIes and Appleworks to manage
> their business spreadsheets.

  And some time ago, I found an old QPro spreadsheet that had survived
somehow in a backup CD. I don't remember if I could open it. But I do
remember once I had to find a way to open a old ms-writer file I
needed to read.

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