GnuPG modern can't genereate keys on my Windows

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Sep 5 11:40:24 CEST 2015

On Sat,  5 Sep 2015 04:23, at said:

> It's really works, you can check my building results:

No, it can't work:

 - The random number generator may not produce random output.

 - GnuPG casts pointers to integers which does not work on 64 bit
   Windows where a pointer (and thus a HANDLE) is 64 bit but int and
   long are 32 bit.

 - There are related problems related to different kind of file


 1. Please add the full source code to the download section or
    otherwise fulfill the requirements of the GPL.

 2. In the summary page you state that the license is CC BY-SA.
    However, both GCC and GnuPG are under the GPL.  You need to fix



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