GnuPG modern can't genereate keys on my Windows

Dongsheng Song at
Sun Sep 6 10:11:43 CEST 2015

On 2015-09-05 17:40, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sat,  5 Sep 2015 04:23, at said:
>> It's really works, you can check my building results:
> No, it can't work:
>  - The random number generator may not produce random output.

Why not trust Windows CryptoAPI (CryptGenRandom) like libressl ?

If you do not trust CryptoAPI (CryptGenRandom), you can use CNG
(BCryptGenRandom) instead.

CryptGenRandom  [Windows XP/2003 or later]
BCryptGenRandom [Windows Vista/2008 or later] [Cryptography API: Next

>  - GnuPG casts pointers to integers which does not work on 64 bit
>    Windows where a pointer (and thus a HANDLE) is 64 bit but int and
>    long are 32 bit.
>  - There are related problems related to different kind of file
>    decriptors.

In theory, you are right. But ALL Windows kernel object include HANDLE
lower than 2^24.
Then if these cast is safe for 64 bit Linux, then safe for Windows too.

>  1. Please add the full source code to the download section or
>     otherwise fulfill the requirements of the GPL.
>  2. In the summary page you state that the license is CC BY-SA.
>     However, both GCC and GnuPG are under the GPL.  You need to fix
>     that!

Thanks, fixed.

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