where is gnupg configure file

mick crane mick.crane at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:21:22 CEST 2016

On 2016-04-01 06:49, Viktor Dick wrote:
> Are you sure that you are using gpg2? private-keys-v1.d only contains
> private keys for gpg2. gpg1 stores them in ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg or
> something like that. If enigmail uses gpg2 and you created your key 
> with
> gpg1, they will not see the same keys. '--version' is your friend.
> IIRC, using the key with gpg2 will import it from gpg1. There was a 
> nice
> online FAQ entry or something alike where the process is described, but
> I can't find it at the moment.
> Regards,
> Viktor

version is 1.4.18

from what I read I don't think I can use gpg2 because
Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)apt uses gpg1 at present.
I'm certain private-keys-v1.d was there before I attempted to use 

there is this but I do not know if that is everything required for gpg2

mick at rapunzel:~$ locate gpg2

I have asked on roundcube list.

key ID: 0x4BFEBB31

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