How to interprete the output of --export-ownertrust?

Dashamir Hoxha dashohoxha at
Sun Apr 3 13:30:19 CEST 2016

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Christine Kremsmayr <c.kremsmayr at>

> Hi everyone,
> with the command gpg2 --export-ownertrust I can cause GnuPG to display the
> owner trust values of the public keys in my keyring.
> The problem: I don't know how to interprete the numbers to the right of
> the fingerprints:
> -----
> C:\Users\ckr>gpg2 --export-ownertrust
> gpg: verwende Vertrauensmodell PGP
> # Liste der zugewiesenen Trustwerte, erzeugt am 02/28/16 13:42:21
> Mitteleuropõische Zeit
> # ("gpg --import-ownertrust" um sie zu restaurieren)
> 356EE781EE3C34C00D605BD075B39FCADA0D42EF:3:
> 87441C8D5FA9D2D46F3CFE8FBD17F2430CE312D4:6:
> B59D9B8DA5895CF837844F4EC440EB6B86F0B249:6:
> C4C3767EFE9BF995431824EF6AD043812A4BF322:6:
> 3C41B1B124266AF139B902F24DC129B8831622ED:5:
> -----
> What is the meaniong of 3? And of 6? Does anybody know what the possible
> values are that can be displayed?
> Is there a mapping between these numbers and the owner trust values like
> "unknown", "marginal", "complete" and so on?
> I know, the answer lies in the source code. But unfortunately I am not
> able to read or understand source code.

The mapping is this (as far as I know):
 4->full, 3->marginal, 2->none, 1->unknown

I am not sure where did I find this, but surely not from the source code.
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