Perform only asymmetric encryption/decryption

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Fri Apr 8 18:27:31 CEST 2016

I'm not sure I totally understand your requiremens, though if you are
looking to run RSA encryption on strings and are not using any of the
authentication parts of gpg, then openssl is the way to go. I suspect it's
not possible with gpg's provided interface.

If using pgp is really more convenient then letting it do hybrid encryption
will be much easier though it sounds like you have a good reason for
wanting to avoid that.
Den 8. apr. 2016 9.18 AM skrev "Erik Nellessen" <
erik.nellessen at>:

> When I encrypt data using GnuPG, GnuPG uses hybrid encryption. This really
> is a good idea for most use cases. But in my (I admit, rather special) use
> case, only using asymmetric encryption/decryption is what I need. Is it
> possible to use asymmetric encryption only? The interface I would wish to
> have takes plain data and provides an RSA encrypted cipher text (and vice
> versa for decryption).
> Does GnuPG provide any kind of interface for direct asymmetric
> encryption/decryption operations? I guess I could try do it similar to the
> write_pubkey_enc function in the file g10/encrypt.c. But is there an
> easier/more official way?
> What I want to do is certainly possible using OpenSSL. But as I am
> changing an existing system, a possibility to do this with GnuPG would be
> the easiest way for me.
> Kind regards,
> Erik Nellessen
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